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Our clients each have very different needs, but all have one thing in common....
our CNC technology helps their businesses.

 We provide technical problem solving and "Arts to Parts" design fluency.
With CAD and CNC we can bring your project to life.

The examples below are just a sampling of the jobs we've done for pleasure and profit. We've done many more and just didn't take photos. If you have an idea, give us a call and we can get you on the right track.


Clear Blind Flanges / Viewports

Clear acrylic blind flanges or "viewports" can provide a unique opportunity to visually monitor your system processes,
check fluid levels or even view underwater life.

CoxNet Industrial has manufactured numerous large viewports for manway sized openings on process vessels and water filter systems in use throughout the United States. Water attractions such as SeaWorld, The California Science Center, Texas A&M Galveston exhibits and many zoos are home to our products.


Snap Rings

The Little Rock Zoo had a requirement to "keep the penguins out of the polar bear exhibit,"
but still allow for water flow between the two.

In conjunction with Custom Structures Corporation, we developed a High Density Polyethylene snap ring that fits inside a groove on the interior of a standard Schedule 80 PVC pipe coupling, holding a fiberglass grate in place. Like any snap ring, it is removable for clearing the grate of debris and should last for decades due to the corrosion resistant characteristics of High Density Polyethylene.


Water Distribution Headers

Custom water distribution headers are often needed for water filtration systems. These headers need to evenly disperse the outflow over an internal filter media. We use our 4th axis CNC to accurately size and place the many drain holes.



 Production Molds

The Big Game, a world renowned football manufacturer in Fort Worth, Texas needed new high pressure forming molds for their production line and chose CoxNet Industrial to get the job done.


PVC Piping Plugs

CNC routers are great for working with sheet material and this product is no exception. We are able to make PVC plugs from commonly available sheets of PVC, reducing cost to the customer by about half.


Interlocking Components

From dadoes to pegged mortise and tenon, many joinery techniques and shapes are possible using a CNC.


HDPE Brackets are an easy task with state of the art design tools and a CNC machine. This is an incredible alternative to injection molding when low quantities don't justify the cost of tooling for injection.



Jigs of all sorts are possible with a CNC and the accuracy is much, much better than building them by hand.


FoosBall Tables

Action Games, led by Steve Simon, former World Champion Foosball player, has designed a highly advanced commercial foosball table model and needed several prototypes leading up to manufacturing. Steve chose us to create the MDF, HDPE and laminate parts for these prototypes.

Drafting Table

Design a low-cost drafting table? That was a request and we jumped on it, mainly because we love drafting. This table is nothing fancy, but had a material cost of $27 and a labor cost of $20. It is fully adjustable and it has a custom v-carved logo. How's that for value?


Wooden Wedges

Making thousands of small identical wedges requires some serious precision and lots of patience or CNC automation. We chose CNC to assist with the drilling requirements, resulting in consistently accurate parts.

Wooden saddles

Kiddy Run, a manufacturer of wooden push-along bike trainers needed affordable one piece wooden saddles
 and chose us to provide these accurate yet inexpensive parts.



3D African Mask Sign

Malaia, a club on 6th St. in Austin, TX wanted a 5 ft tall African Mask carved from real wood for use as a sign. They provided a 12" wooden mask as a "seed" model. This smaller mask was laser scanned creating a virtual model. This virtual model was enlarged, mirrored (for a 2-sided sign) then virtually sliced to match the material sizes available and each slice was processed through the CNC toolpathing software. After machining the individual pieces into cypress wood, they were assembled and stained by the customer for installation. This sign weighs over 300 pounds.


Sandwich Board Signs

Sandwich Board Signs are an inexpensive way to get your information out to the public. Durable and light, these can be placed and moved about to maximize exposure of your message.


Pole Signs

Adding 3D elements to a business sign really does make that sign stand out. The use of material layering to create that 3D effect is easy with a CNC. You can easily "stack" cutouts to raise them off the sign face to provide an eye-catching advertising sign.


Carved Wooden Signs

We have created many, many carved wooden signs for businesses here in Texas. Most often, we start with a simple sketch and end up with a sign that let's your walk-in customers know that they've come to the right place.





Wooden AirShip

A gift for a friend who has everything? I owed James Booth at, a favor. But he has it all, so what do you give this guy? How about an airship? Well, a wooden airship at least. This was a good way to test the 3D model form creation tools, and the rotary indexing functionality of the Aspire CNC software from And it made for a fun project that my friend enjoyed.


Baby Profile Mantle Piece

Here was another gift for a friend to give to his wife for an anniversary present. He took a side profile photograph of his baby daughter and using software, traced the profile to create a vector (cad-style) 2d polyline in the shape of her face. This polyline was then used to create a carving around a round stock of red cedar wood. The result is a mantel piece that when viewed from any angle, shows the baby face of their little girl.


Cutout Shapes for Church Summer Camp Art Events

St. Francis' Episcopal Church at Canyon Lake, TX hosts an annual summer camp for kids. Each camp is based on a story theme and includes an artistic creation event where the kids get to decorate, and then take home, a wall hanging in the shape related to the theme. So far, we've cut about a hundred each of descending doves, fish, butterflies and king's crowns. This year, we made starfish.


Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards are a neccessity for every kitchen. But to match a kitchen's certain theme, you may be hard pressed to find the exact style that you need. Call CoxNet Industrial and you'll be pleasently surprised at the different shapes that we can attain using a CNC machine.


Window Dressing

A CNC can be a useful tool for creating specialty products like this window dressing. This was easy to design, easy to build and easy on the eyes. It also does the intented job of hiding the gap betwwen the blinds and the top of the window frame.


Dinner Tables, Hall Tables

We can't claim to make the fanciest tables around, but we've made some that have withstood the test of time, the test of kids, and the test of alchoholic beverages. Not neccessarily in the same place, of course.



Guitar Racks

Tired of leaning those guitars on the wall only to have them slide off and crash onto the floor? Need a certain theme to follow? We're the place to call. We can make a variety of guitar stands and racks to match your selection of Les Pauls, Telecasters, Stratocasters, Warlocks, Flying Vs, Double-necks, Acoustics and more. And we might even listen to your music while we make it!

Texas Stars

Texas Stars are a pretty popular residential decor around here and there's nothing like a CNC router to accurately produce them. These can be used for custom trim pieces throughout the house and can be carved into any type of wood that you can imagine. If you want to dress up your Texas style trim work, give us a call.


Custom Wall Art

Have a theme that you would like to see carved in wood? We have an incredible array of artwork that's perfect for creating a multi-piece collection of wall carvings.


Outdoor Seating / Thrones

Every backyard king needs a throne. This one is cut from an eight foot long, two inch thick, solid slab of Bald Cypress. The Cypress log was salvaged from flood waters and processed with our sawmill. We've done many creative things with salvaged logs and given the rot resistant properties of Cypress, this will last for decades.


Custom Boxes

Nola Wray, considered by me to be the "greatest 1st grade teacher in the world" was the recipient of this unique Texas shaped gift box. The top surface of the box was carved with an accurate Digital Elevation Model of Texas, extracted from our GIS software.



What happens when you run over a wooden skateboard with a one ton truck? Well, the truck wins and you need a new skateboard deck. With the CNC, that's a piece of cake.

Canoe Dolly


CAD Drafting

Need some manufacturer's drawings? We design to build, so we know what it takes to actually construct a product. We include critical dimensions, bill of materials and special instructions to get the job done right.


3D Modeling

Need to visualize a product before committing to build it? Need to convince a customer that your product will fit where it's supposed to? There's no better way than building it "virtually".