CoxNet Industrial
Canyon Lake, TX
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CoxNet Industrial is a well equipped specialty
manufacturing company located in central Texas.

In addition to......  

 Industrial sized 4-axis CNC Router
 Full Woodworking Shop,
 Hot Air Plastic Welding,
 Acrylic Bending,
 Logging, Rigging, Hauling Equipment,
 and much more,

 we employ the use of sophisticated software for ...

 Computer Aided Design (CAD),
 Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM),
 Computer Numeric Control (CNC) and
 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

..... to manufacture a wide variety of products and system components, from a wide variety of materials.

Our ShopBot CNC Router has a 3 axis envelope of 5ft x 10 ft x 6 in ....and a 4 axis envelope of 10 ft long x 16 in diameter.

We are able to machine woods, laminates, composites, plastics and non-ferrous metals in 2D, 3D and 4D, to very high degrees of accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

We also have extensive 2D, 3D and 4D design and CNC programming capabilities and experience. In many cases, we have created accurate parts based on simple sketches, but we can also import your latest CAD file or 3D model for direct translation and absolute precision.

We provide:

- 2D CAD Design for web, print and CNC operations
- 3D CAD Design for web, print, CNC operations and virtual model export.
- 2D/3D/4D CAM Design for G-Code or SBP compatible CNC Routers, Lasers and WaterJets
- 2D/3D/4D CNC Router Services on many different materials
- 2D/3D/DataBase Linked GIS Systems for business analysis and terrain mapping
- 3D model "unwrapping service" for rotary cnc owners. Call for details.

CoxNet Industrial is committed to bringing you a consistently high quality level of design and fabrication services using state of the art equipment and software. When it comes to integration of technologies to solve business problems, we are an indispensable asset to enterprising engineers.

Call 210-663-5870 and let's evaluate your needs. If we can do it, we'll try to make it affordable. If we can't do it, we'll make our best recommendation at no charge.

See the Projects Gallery for examples of our capabilities.

Why contact CoxNet Industrial?

•State of the Art Software
•State of the Art Hardware
•24/7 Support
•Texan Integrity